CAESIUM V2.0.0 Alpha Image compression

V2.0.0 Alpha GUI!

Ever needed to compress an image down to a reasonable size for use on a web server? or to send over a slow link? We have tried multiple image compression apps and this one easily takes the top prize. Matteo @ SaeraSoft has been working hard on this application in his spare time and I believe is onto something good here. I’ll try sum up the features quickly for you here:

  1. Batch Compress – compress multiple files and folders easily
  2. Set Quality levels – You determine the compression you want.
  3. Preview Images – Self explanatory
  4. Online App – If you don’t want to use the app, you can always log on and use the web version.

Matteo is currently working on a V2 (Alpha) version of the software which is again leaps and bounds improved on the original version. You can check out V2 on his github page! If you have a spare few $$ to donate to his cause, I’m sure he would be much appreciative! Donate here.