It’s been a long while since an update. My Apologies. I had to move workshop blah blah blah…excuses really. Last post I promised an adapter plate and batteries. Well, I can say early that I have produced 50% of the goods. The Batteries are in, and the adapter plate is still pending!


Thanks to my good mate Leon at Lithium Power we were able to source 6 x Tesla 24v modules. At this stage the plan is to only use 5 modules, leaving 1 as a spare. Leon also chucked in a few adapter boards he designed for easy integration to the BMS. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with the ZEVA BMS, however that is yet to be purchased.

Flywheel and Clutch

I often get asked why I am using a clutch and flywheel combo. The answer for me is pretty simple. Its for safety. Attaching the electric motor direct to the flywheel will allow me to mechanically disconnect the drive in the event of fault or failure. As soon as I push the clutch in, the drive is disconnected. The alternate to this would be to attach the electric motor direct to the input shaft on the gearbox via a coupler. I am not a fan of this method. We obviously will lose some efficiencies by using the flywheel, however after weighing it all up, I decided upon continuing with the flywheel and clutch setup.

Flywheel Coupler

The coupler is a pretty important part of the build and mates the output shaft of the electric motor to the flywheel. I originally purchased an interference fit blank from CAN EV (Canada). This coupler needs to be machined to suit and as it sits now I have a few 3D printed models to test my drawings.

Adapter Plate Update

adapter plateI was delaying the production of the adapter plate as I ended up ordering a new lightened flywheel and clutch combo. I wanted to make sure that all the dimension were all good. I only have 1 chance at this adapter plate and want to get it right. Fingers crossed now that football season is finished we can make some real progress in this space.

Hyper9 Specs

Just in case anyone was wandering about the specs of the Hyper 9 electric motor. Check out the pic. If I had the $$ to bolt two of these together I would!

Now what?

Bench test! Adapter plate! Batteries Boxes! Cabling, Wiring, Mounts….the list goes on.