I have never really been a Podcast listener, however, in the last 6 months, one particular podcast caught my interest. This particular podcast titled ‘Darknet Diaries’ was able to hold my interest for more than a few minutes. I am one of those kinds of people that flick through books really quickly and if I get bored, usually put it down and do not come back. (Hence why podcasts appeal to me!) However, this awesome production of geekiness and real-life stories easily quenches my thirst for topics I am very passionate about. The podcast is not so technical that you get scared away, it actually covers some great history and real-life examples of the hacking world and how vulnerable our digital lives actually are.

The Show is produced by Jack Rhysider and incredibly he is able to pump out two shows a month single-handedly! Jack also writes for a blog ‘Tunnels Up’ which has a few cool bits and pieces that can be helpful. (Especially some of the cheat sheets tunnelsup.com/cheatsheets/)

So, if you find yourself into similar interests, then head on over to darknetdiaries.com and get your fix ASAP. The episodes actually make your early morning commute and coffee bearable!