I decided it was unacceptable NOT to utilize the RFID/NFC implant in my hand for anything at home, so I had to dream up a little project for it. After a little bit of brainstorming and no really good ideas coming to mind, I decided that you can’t have an implant without an RFID door entry system. Not very original I know, but this seemed to be the most practical application. I managed to scrape together the following components for the basic install. I have not yet progressed to a fully installed setup due to being in a rental and not wanting to attack the door frames. I guess I should be looking for a mechanism to replace the built-in dead-lock I have here.

  • 12v Door strike. (I happened to get both fail-safe and fail-lock versions from Jaycar at a very good price. ~$18ea)
  • NFC Module V3 from Elechouse. (NFC is RFID, just a different flavor! NFC utilizing the HF band for comms.)
  • Freetronics DLOCK shield (Jaycar ~$20 ? In the end I didn’t really require this, but hey makes things pretty easy hook up wise.)
  • Arduino UNO (Had one lying around. Will most likely find a smaller Arduino for the install)
  • RFID/NFC Tags are compatible with your reader.
  • Manual Override switch (Any type of switch you want – maybe a nice faceplate of some description.)
  • 12v Power supply (1-2A should suffice.)


Some code for you to play with. This was working with my setup, however, it may need some tweaking from your end. You will also need to grab the Adafruit library and change out the RFID card values in the code. (Lines 55-58). You can get these values by running the library demo code and looking at the serial output.