I generally only post offline software tools that have helped me in the past, however, I can’t really go past this online cloud service. Now I know what your thinking, there are heaps of these services! and yes, there are. However, I wanted to highlight VULTR because of the access to servers in Sydney Australia and the ease of use. The location of servers was important for me as I didn’t really want my VPN service routing around the globe. So for me, server locations are a BIG deal. Sure, if Digital Ocean had servers in Perth or Sydney then I’d probably be reviewing them also.

Ok, so what do I use VULTR for? Well, this web page for starters. VULTR is a cloud computing service that allows you to run up virtual servers that can be tailored to your liking. You can choose from many settings:

  • Server Locations
  • Server Types (OS, ISO, Pre Configured, One-Click)
  • Server Sizes (Cores, Ram, Bandwidth)
  • and much more…

I use VULTR for all kinds of development tasks, it is much easier to use the simple interface they provide to get a server up and running, then to run it locally! I get my own unique IP address and voila, off I go. The one-click create, install, and destroy is super helpful and whenever I stuff something up I can either go back to a snapshot or re-install and start over. No messing around with SD cards in Raspberry Pi’s, no messing with hardware.

If you want to run a VPN instance, within a couple of clicks you can. If your desire is to run a Ubuntu Server on the version of your choice in minutes! Its that’s easy. If I can do it then so can you.

For a limited time, VULTR is offering $100 worth of server time for free…

(This may expire soon! Get in quick.)