Wardriving is the practice of driving around a vehicle/bike or drone to discover Wi-Fi networks, mapping their locations, and sometimes logging their details, such as SSID (network name), security protocols, and signal strength. This activity, often performed by hobbyists, cybersecurity researchers, and hackers. It involves using a laptop, smartphone, or a specialized device equipped with Wi-Fi scanning software. (RPi4 etc…) While wardriving itself is not illegal, it raises privacy and security concerns as it can potentially be used to exploit unsecured networks or to gather data for malicious purposes. Consequently, it underscores the importance of securing Wi-Fi networks with strong encryption and passwords to protect against unauthorized access.

This build is based on the following hardware:

My Enclosure (Inspiration from Krrawn’s version here.)

    • Print Settings:
      • 15% infil
      • No Supports
      • Print orientation: Faces flat
      • 0.20 Layer height.

The STL files will be back soon! Update in progress.

Wardriver Enclosure Lid STL v2.2024

Wardriver Enclosure Base STL v2.2024

These STL’s are not for commercial use. You do not have permission to sell or use this design for commercial purposes unless written permission has been given.